My intentions for this blog are as diverse as they are vague. I expect it to be a loose conflation of expositions on urban life and daily ennui, indie rock, art house film, documentary arts, and your average quarter-life neurosis. (Also: I like cars.) And perhaps on another order, I would like for this blog to serve as a platform for dialogue, reconciling intellectual inquiry with lived praxis as they pass through the circuitry of cultural production.

Additionally, it will serve as a quick and dirty way to record going-ons at UnionDocs, where I am a curator-in-residence, as well as my radio show, The Enchilada as a Whole, on East Village Radio, and, to a lesser extent, the Center for Court Innovation, a Manhattan criminal justice think tank where I work. And lastly, the name: Satori in Brooklyn is a nod to Allen Ginsberg who, as it were, found satori in Harlem as well as the Kerouac novel Satori in Paris.


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One response to “christening

  1. alexis hope

    hey alan,

    excited to read this. (saw the link on chris’
    twitter…phrases like that make me feel silly). hope all is well!


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