’83 mercedes 240d, $600/obo

Someone tell me one good reason – just one! – why I shouldn’t buy this car? $600 for a 1983 Mercedes 240D. Oh, it’s gorgeous. I want it so bad!



*answers include, but not limited to: carbon monoxide emissions, insurance fees, parking woes, endless maintenance, I ride the subway everywhere…



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4 responses to “’83 mercedes 240d, $600/obo

  1. Hey here you go. Buy the car, drive it to Seattle (thus fulfilling your road trip dream) and you can park it on my un-busy street until you move again.

  2. colin

    how bout: who needs a car in nyc?!

  3. Steve

    I have one exactly the same year and color. I just rebuilt the engine and it has a LOT more power. 4 Speed. 1.5 mm overbore.

    Keep the valves set and the oil changed and the IP timed and they have enough power. Tire pressure etc. too. I love the thing. I get a solid 25 MPG anywhere I drive.

    I picked up an 85 300SD for 950 clams that is a

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