holiday in manila, may 16-24

Last week, I went to visit my friend Edward in the Philippines. Here are some miscellaneous photos from the trip, enjoy!

manila trip 029Pema and I in a taxi-trike (I think this was taken just as a large bolt fell off the motorcycle).

manila trip 030Edward sits on top. (Note “Tooth Doctor” in background.)

261The private drive leading to Edward’s flat, 20 De Leon Street, Quezon City.

273Fresh coconut stand outside.

manila trip 060Yum!

208My first night in Manila, at a poetry reading. Edward signed me up to read (from memory) Dylan Thomas.

211Kash Avena, Philippine poet


218Drinkeoke (that’s right, they do karoke with a live band!) at the other Magnet shortly before Edawrd, Pema, and I take the stage. We sang Goo Goo Dolls’s Iris and I immediately begin to lose my voice. When everything feels like the movies / I just want you to know who I aaaaaam!

manila trip 057I’m on a boat! Partying on a yacht in Manila Bay.

233Back on land, iPhone camera doing weird shit…


250Our taxi driver: “For a while, sir, for a while,” as he jumps out to evacuate the bladder.

224Brother and sister discuss our upcoming (?) trip to Vietnam in July. It is to include trains, busses, and motorcycles.

328At some indie rock show (believe it or not, the venue was inside a strip mall).

IMG_0358Discussing Disco Earth, our new record label.

281I try balut for the first time.


290Bathroom graffiti.


manila trip 048In a jeepney on Commonwealth Avenue.

manila trip 051

307Our friend Aidan, Pema, and Aidan’s sister. On a boat headed to Puerto Galera.



310So we were late to the port where we were supposed to catch a boat that would take us back to the mainland, however Aidan, in his terrific resourcefulness, managed to hail down the boat (from a small skiff) in the middle of the bay! We clambered aboard while the Korean tourist passangers looked on.



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4 responses to “holiday in manila, may 16-24

  1. patty

    awww, i miss the philippines! and i miss you and edward.


  2. Haha I love the coconut picture.
    These are great! Will there be more??
    Ahh I wish I could go there too. So colorful and relaxed.

  3. carmel

    great photos. looks like you had a jam packed visit. heard that the ladies loved you over there 😉

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