photos from the weekend: peekskill, ny

Unlike last summer, I’ve been itching to get out of the city this summer. Fortunately, my friend Amber is renting a summer cabin up in Peekskill, NY, situated in the achingly gorgeous Hudson River Valley. This past weekend, she invited us to come hang out. Super!

(Click to enlarge.)

peekskill, ny 259

peekskill, ny 261

peekskill, ny 251

peekskill, ny 266

peekskill, ny 269

peekskill, ny 280

peekskill, ny 277

peekskill, ny 283

peekskill, ny 285

peekskill, ny 274

peekskill, ny 295

peekskill, ny 297

peekskill, ny 311
The house of L. Frank Baum, author of the Wizard of Oz!

peekskill, ny 310The yellow brick road!



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3 responses to “photos from the weekend: peekskill, ny

  1. Paco Antonio

    Nice! What else did you see while in Peekskill? I grew up there and I’ll admit its a ehh kinda town but it has its hidden gems. The surrounding area as well.

  2. We are headed to Peekskill in couple of weeks. Where is the “yellow brick road” located? easy to find?



  3. satoriinbrooklyn

    hey mike,
    so i don’t remember exactly, but i know it’s very close (1-2 blocks) away from the train station and across the street from a bar/restaurant. sorry i can’t remember much else, but you should be able to google it. good luck!

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