sunday evening music review

For my friends and I, an ever divisive topic is electronic music. Whereas some of my closest friends (who I met while DJing at my college radio station) have almost entirely evacuated their interests in indie rock for electronic, I have largely been left unchanged. Just as a one of my college professors astutely predicted, the music I listen to now is largely the same stuff I listened to in college. But every once in a while, a track or two comes along that really floors me, which is why I wanted to post. The first track is called Mr. Decay by Gui Borrato, a Brazilian electronic music producer and the second is a Sascha Funke remix of Gui Boratto’s Beautiful Life. Enjoy!

For me, getting into electronic music has been somewhat difficult because I feel lost among the sheer number of subgenres as well as the venues in which they are presented (i.e. minimal house on your headphones vs. Detroit techno at a club). Not to mention I sometimes still foster, however unjust, a generalized knee-jerk prejudice against electronic music as being boring and repetitive.* But one thing I feel intensely compelled by is the medium’s capacity for an egalitarian music culture. It seems only appropriate that an informatic world should have creative products that more seamlessly wed culture and communication on a congruent interface rather than, for example, rock music’s vigilant insistence on anachronisms brought kicking and screaming into the present. Whereas rock is ardently hierarchical in both its historical trajectory as well as the very constraints of the form, electronic music has and will continue to erupt spontaneously, imploding geographic boundaries and radically shifting the landscape and development of popular music and, perhaps most interestingly, maintaining the most fidelity to the DIY project in spite of its non-allegiance to DIY aesthetics.

* I swear, Chris and I have nearly come to blows for my calling it “blip-bloop-bleep music.”


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  1. rah

    ha ha, that last line almost made me fall out of my chair

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