satori in paris

I know. It’s been forever. Excuse my lapse; I’m (still) in the thick of grad school apps, but after a very nice Thanksgiving I made some time to go through photos from my trip to France. Here are Paris photos with more to come…

Triumph Bonnie (one day…)

Citroën DS! One of my favorite cars, ever.

Especially charming with the Parisian plates (“75”).

Dinner with HBHs.

Au Rocher de Cancale.



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3 responses to “satori in paris

  1. sweet twingo in the background in the first ds shot, too! am i alone in my twingo love?

  2. satoriinbrooklyn

    pete, you know i’m with you on most things car related, but you’re on your own with the twingo.

    congrats on the new album, btw, it’s fantastic!

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