the other home

Happily, I was back in San Francisco for the holidays. I didn’t realize I basically just took pictures of food. However, I promise this isn’t turning into a photo blog! Just busy as usual, but hoping to get to do some actual posts soon.

Ocean Beach

Getting supplies for Christmas Dinner hot pot. Clement Street markets never fail.

Alligator hot pot, eh? eh? I’d have done it…

(see also: me trying balut in Manila)

Unfortunately I had to spend a huge amount of time working on grad apps. Which pretty much looked like this for 72 hours.

Taqueria El Toro

Taqueria El Farolito

Bernal Heights Park

No trip complete without a stop at Naan N Curry. Or Cyurry.

And finally, a burrito from Chino’s Taqueria.

Ouf. Back in Brooklyn. No burritos, no taconomics, no justice, no peace.



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3 responses to “the other home

  1. p

    can’t handle those burrito pictures

  2. taqueriacancun4ever


  3. amanda

    wtfnnc? they have their own plates and things? man…i’m outta the curry game

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