snow day!

Just the right amount of snow; it’s pretty all around and work fed us pizza for lunch and sent us home at 2PM. Woo!

Union Avenue

Maujer Street



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3 responses to “snow day!

  1. This really looks like a storybook photograph. New York City and their piles of garbage on the sidewalk, all covered in snow!

  2. Hey Alan

    I’ve been catching up with you via photos and blog. The best! I love your eye especially when seeing France. I also like the new hair cut. (Or maybe it’s not new? Its been too long. Since I’ve seen you. Not your hair…being long…).


  3. satoriinbrooklyn

    thanks, britt! nice to hear from you… the hair is, uh, sort of taking a life of its own. i feel resigned to let it do as it pleases now.

    love all the pnwesty crafts and design items you post, makes me miss seattle a little more…

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